Sunday, July 19, 2009

Health Insurance for Self Employed

My husband lost his job on Thursday. It wasn't much of a shock to us since his company has been laying off hundreds of employees over the past 3 years and we have made it through 6 of those lay offs. Also we are planning to move out of state anyway, we were just hoping to keep his full time income until we moved and that he'd have a job already lined up before we got there. Now we have neither his full time income nor a job lined up in Colorado.

I'll admit I am worried about our financial situation and nervous that our savings might not last long enough for him to find another job, but at the moment I am most worried about our girls not having health insurance. What are my other self employed bloggers doing for health insurance? The policies I am seeing online have huge deductibles and not having a steady income makes it hard for me to see how we'd be able to pay for those and still afford our basic needs.

Another scary thought is that I was just tossed into the role of sole bread winner in the family and I am only still in the beginning stages of start up. But that is another post altogether, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that and how I am going to manage my new role.

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