Sunday, June 21, 2009

Works in progress

Some people ask me what I am working on as far as quilts go, well most of the time I am working on something to list in my Etsy store, But I always have more then a few projects that need to be completed for personal use. I have been quilting for over 4 years now and I don't have one quilt that I made of my own! My two daughters have their baby quilts that I made for them, and many friends and family members have quilts I made for them, but I have yet to finish a quilt for myself.

As for what I am working on for my Etsy and eBay stores, I am in the middle of two twin sized pinwheels, and one king sized pinwheels. I am cutting up fabric for a couple of star quilts and I am designing a quilt around some fabric from Hoffman Farbics now.

I am really hoping to get an Alchemy for a daybed quilt, I am drawing a design for the buyer now to see if she likes what I have to offer. Crossing Fingers.

For my personal projects, I have the fabric picked out and sitting in a drawer for a double wedding ring, fussy cut around some fabric from Moda. It will be a king sized quilt with matching shams. I still have my mother's day project going on, an applique quilt I designed from the state flower, tree, and bird of Colorado along with some mountains.

I started an all hand pieced, hand quilted wall hanging about this time last year. I am in the process of hand quilting it now. Eventually I'll finish it, but I keep putting it down to complete or start other projects :) When I do complete this quilt it will be framed in a picture frame.

A few months ago I made a quilt in a cup for a friend of mine who loves butterflies and her husband kept taking her cup, they said it kept water really cold. So I decided I'd suprise him with his own quilt in a cup so I am making his cup now. My friend's cup has been broken, so I am also making her another cup.

I was very active in a quilting forum for a couple of years and I participated in a lot of swaps, from charm swaps to block swaps and I have a few of those blocks from the swaps to make into quilts. I usually give those to Project Linus. I will for sure keep one of the quilts, as it was a friendship quilt and all of my friends participated.

There are some projects I am forgetting, but these are the majority of them.

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