Sunday, September 5, 2010

75 to 100 year old quilt?!

I believe the spot on the right is an actual cotton seed, but I am not sure.

A hole in the top fabric, reveals the batting.

Moth holes in the pictures above and below.

I just had to post some pictures about this quilt I got recently at a consignment shop in Divide, CO. When I first got it I had thought it was made in the 1950's, maybe. I asked the store clerk if they knew how old the quilt was, he said he'd call the lady who consigned the quilt and ask. She said the quilt was made by her grandmother between 75-100 years ago. The quilter's last name was Crum from Colorado, Frances maybe I am not sure.

Here are some pictures of the quilt. There are some moth holes, stains, etc...however for being 75-100 years old, it is in great condition. I am guessing the quilt was made around the 1930's, if anyone can tell from the pictures of the fabric the time frame, I'd love to know the age of this quilt. At some point I will be getting this quilt looked at by an expert, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinions.

To put everyone's mind at ease, I have wrapped the quilt in a sheet and rolled it gently to store it. Beyond that, I am unsure as to how to take care of this quilt. Suggestions on that topic are also welcome!

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